• Get it Done
  • Bloom Me

    How to fit it all in . . . Bloom me – I like you have a spare minute – you book – pay – done ! Apps can sometimes really help in life – I’ve avoided them for a long time, the future doesn’t. what are your favourite time savers ? I also love […]

  • Nourish
  • Eatology

    After a hectic month I have still not mastered food prep at weekends. This then leads to over spending on food items throughout the office day and also the inevitable cookie jar fix at 4pm. I’ve decided to invest in 3 weeks (5days a week) food delivery programme. This is something new to me and […]

  • Credit
  • Whats in the name

    I know that we all get inundated with advertising on Facebook – one of the things really clicked – This Girl Can , I loved it  – I never thought i would be in need of this kind of motivation. 36 years, 2 children and a stressful full time job later. . . I do. This Girl Will […]